Meta Monday: Packing For A Trip

Who is the worst at packing for a trip?

I think Kakashi and Iruka are both bad in their own ways. Iruka would be the type to worry about every little thing, and would have to grab a lot of things “just in case”, since he usually has to with academy trips; and he usually ends up going very overboard with the packing, and sometimes they end up leaving later than expected because Iruka wants to do an inventory check before they go.

In contrast to him, Kakashi is very carefree about packing, because “everything always works out in the end”; and he tends to get stuck in the mission mindset, so he usually only prepares the bare essentials. He’s always telling Iruka not to worry, that he doesn’t need to bring so many things, and assures him that they aren’t going to have any problems while they’re gone; but when Iruka sees how little Kakashi packs, he can’t help but worry, and add more things to his list.

Packing for a trip is pretty chaotic in the Hatake-Umino household, but once Kakashi & Iruka are on the road, everything is fine!

What do you think?

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I am so late in replying to this! But yes, I agree 100%! Kakashi would definitely be the one who thinks minimal is best, because “What if we’re attacked by enemy shinobi, Iruka? We need to run quick.”
Whereas Iruka is like, “We are going on vacation, and you only packed how much clothing?”

I love your idea of packing being such a stressful thing in the Umino-Hatake household. I see Kakashi as the person who looks over what Iruka packed and takes things out making Iruka very frustrated.

Meanwhile Naruto would be over there staring and simply asking if he can bring his frog purse with him. XD