Meta Monday: New Year's Eve

How does Kakashi & Iruka like to spend New Year’s Eve?

I think sometimes they can be convinced to go to parties - Iruka is more easily persuaded, especially when Kotestsu & Izumo ask him together, and Gai can rope in Kakashi; but mostly, they like to spend the evening together, and watch the fireworks.

There’s usually some kind of festival or event in the village to celebrate, and Kakashi & Iruka will use it as an excuse to go on a date. Sometimes that means checking out the stalls, music, and everything else set up around them; and other times, it simply means setting up a blanket in the grass, by the river, and having a picnic while they wait for the fireworks, or even snuggling up in a tree or on a rooftop together to enjoy them – it doesn’t matter, as long as they are together and get that special New Year’s kiss :heart:

What are your thoughts?