Meta Monday: Moving Day

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she was unable to post it today, so I’m sharing her post on her behalf!

This week’s question is:

Who has the most boxes when moving?

This one for me is hands-down Iruka. I fully headcanon Kakashi as a minimalist whose entire life can be buried in a box or two. I think he always had only one box full of keepsakes such as rare photos and his Icha Icha and that the second one came into his life when Team Seven did and they gave him things like Mr. Ukki and that framed photograph.

And then there’s Iruka who has always been more outgoing, more affectionate, has more close friends than Kakashi. I think if they were to move in together Iruka would be the one carrying 10 or so boxes full of keepsakes and mementos and the odd album or two. And I think so many of his students give him gifts that he can’t give away or reject, so he has all those too.

What do you think though?

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I agree. Iruka has more boxes. His life has been more stationary than Kakashi’s for a long time, so he’s been able to accumulate more things: teaching manuals & tools, binders full of teaching units, notes, assignments, etc, keepsakes. But also just the everyday life stuff that a person who is around to use it will accumulate: plants, random kitchen tools, books, music (CDs, tapes, instruments, who knows?), art, etc. It’s also one reason why Kakashi is more likely to move in with Iruka than vice versa.


I agree with it being Iruka, but I doubt he has that many boxes. I only remember the inside of his apartment from Naruto S1E1 and what little it showed it was bare, but he is a long standing teacher so I agree he has manuals and scrolls


Hello Welcome!

And yes, I agree with you here about him having just a small amount of things, but more than Kakashi nonetheless.

@mt_nikolle : you bring up a great point about people who are stationary being able to accumulate more stuff.