Meta Monday: Most Used Social Media App

Which social media app would Kakashi & Iruka use the most?

I could see Iruka using Facebook the most, because of how versatile it is, with the variety of pages he can like & follow that cater to his interests, and being able to keep up with his friends at the same time. Though I do think he would have phases where he uses other things more, perhaps because of his students’ and Kakashi’s encouragement.

And as for Kakashi, I don’t think he has a single app that he uses the most. I see him as someone who would try to keep up with all the trends, so whichever app is most popular at the time, he would use. Or he would stick to the one he has the most followers on, which I imagine he has a lot of on every app :eyes:

What do you think?

Iruka would totally be the teacher on Facebook, maybe he even has a separate e-mail address to share with his students. Maybe he has Instagram too!

Now I am thinking of a point in time where Kakashi and Iruka are not together yet. They are both on Tinder, maybe their friends created accounts for them. Maybe Anko takes Iruka’s phone one night and swipes right on Kakashi causing an avalanche of events hohohoho

Hmm I wonder, I feel like Kakashi wouldn’t be much on Social media at all. He would have the one that Gai uses the most! And Kakashi would just post photos of his ninken! But that’s it. Maybe an icha icha forum tho!


Yes! Anko so would do that! :joy:

Hell yes, Kakashi would so be on an Icha Icha forum, and share pics of his ninken!

I kinda feel like Kakashi would enjoy social media, not because of the followers & stuff, but because of all the features that come with different apps; and the reason he keeps up with the trends is because of the cool new effects.

Like, I can picture him being really fascinated with all the snapchat filters, and having a blast giving Iruka dog ears & stuff like that. And on tiktok, I could see him record himself casting a jutsu, and then posting the video with cool music in the background, not to be impressive, but because he finds it cool that he can add music to videos now. idk, I just kinda picture him being into that kind of tech since I headcanon him liking photography, because of his Sukea persona XD


Oh yeah! I forgot about Sukea for a moment there, oops. Makes sense that he would have the visual interest. Like you say, putting dog ears on Iruka is now totally a thing now. I am might scribble this away for future but fanart of Iruka where Sukea is taking a picture on his phone and giving Iruka dog ears :heart:

Also speaking of this convo, look what popped up in my feed this morning: hehehe It seems to be a real thing :joy:


I thought about this and I think for Kakashi it would be Instagram, but as a pseudonym. Only Gai would know (and maybe Tenzo) because they occasionally help him out with shoots when he uses Instagram as Sukea. He takes pictures of his dogs and nature and does self-portraits which he publishes. I think it’s his way of relaxing and sharing his hobby with the world while not having to deal with the stress of being on social media as Kakashi.

I actually think Iruka’s would be a dating app. A few of my friends are teachers, and (where I am) they are severely limited on what they can share on social media, who they can friend, and they cannot have anyone tag them in anything. So, I think Iruka would stay away from the social media apps because he can’t deal with the hassle. As for the dating apps: I totally headcanon that he is a single teacher who just wants to find someone to date. And so he is on dating apps because they are a comfortable way to find someone. Which one? Tindr is okay, but he’s in it for more than sex. And Grindr too for that reason. So, Coffee Meets Bagel because it allows him the chance to explore and meet people.

Now, I wonder how Iruka would meet Kakashi on that app? Perhaps Gai convinces him to use it?


I think Kakashi is into Pinterest :joy: he has several boards just for recipes - categorised by type of dish and a private wall with recipes specifically to woo Iruka :smirk:
He has a wall for his ninken (mostly diets and furcare) and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a wall for trainings he wants to try but never does because - meh!
Obviously there’s a private wall for icha icha fanart :relieved::star_struck:

Iruka uses whatever social media is “in” for is students. He wants to keep an eye on them and who’s friends/foe for whom.
Privately he has a Facebook/Twitter account to link games with. Him and the other mission desk chuunins like to play silly games on their phones when the mission room is quiet :grin: :grin:


Coryn, it makes so much sense for the Mission desk chuunin to need games for those slow shifts!

EDIT I can totally see them doing the one where you lead a village and wage war against others, Clash of Clans! That’t the name. Maybe the ninja world has their own version even! Evenly balanced with the occasional Candy Crush when they are note feeling like being social XD

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Oh, I like these ideas! Why didn’t I think of Pinterest? Probably because I don’t use it. I like that Kakashi would have his own private wall for Icha Icha. Of course!
And Iruka researching what is “in” for his students: I now can see him sitting at the table late at night trying to navigate a social media website or trying to decipher new emojis. Modern AU headcanon: I think you have just given me one!

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@oneinist Candy Crush came to my mind instantly! Im convinced Tsunade is addicted to Candy Crush and hides her phone under her desk to play during meetings with the elders :grin:

@kaoruhana :rofl: :rofl: Poor Iruka getting confused over the finger emojis… “Is this a walky talky or is he flipping the bird or…I dont get it. NARUTO!”

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