Meta Monday: Most Self-Indulgent

Who is the most self-indulgent?

I think it depends. Money-wise, I think Iruka is more self-indulgent. He likes to splurge on good quality things (clothes, blankets, etc.) when he can, and treat himself to fancy coffees, nicer meals, etc. to make his life a little more comfortable and pleasant.

Kakashi loves this about him because now that he’s figured out his favourite things to splurge on, he can never go wrong when he wants to surprise him with lunch at the academy, take him on a special date, buy him gifts, etc.

When it comes to spending money on himself, though, Kakashi doesn’t usually think about going out of his way to get something nicer – he’ll generally just go for standard qualities & stuff; but time-wise, he is a lot more self-indulgent.

He spends a lot of his free time doing the things (and person :smirk:) he loves, because he doesn’t want to take life for granted; so even when he’s supposed to be working, he’ll slack off a bit if his job isn’t serious or that important, and indulge in things like Icha Icha, as we already know XD

Iruka has told Kakashi off countless times, especially when he leaves late for missions, training, etc. but he secretly loves that Kakashi wants to spend all this time with him and always puts him first. Maybe he shouldn’t be so hard on him – he does get his jobs done, after all…

What are your thoughts?


In a sense I would count Iruka as self-indulgent consider all the meals at Ichiraku’s, he just so happens to be indulging Naruto at the same time (most of the time in my head). I mean you could be self-indulging and generous at the same time right, they’re not mutually exclusive actions :thinking: :thinking:

But then like you say, Kakashi really does indulge himself when it comes to how he spends time and where the Icha Icha series is concerned. I hadn’t thought about time being a currency as well. In that sense, Iruka is a workaholic and not indulgent at all.

I love the scolding Iruka secretly feeling so appreciated and loved :heart_eyes: