META MONDAY: Most likely to detest modern slang and technology?

Another Monday, another meta Discussion! This month, the Meta Monday theme will be focused on Modern AU!

This week’s question is: Who is most likely to detest modern slang and technology?

For me, this is Kakashi, hands down! I see Iruka as one of those people who is very on trend and knows exactly what he is getting into and what is “in fashion.” He knows the latest gadgets, technology, apps, and slang (cause how else is he gonna keep up with his students). Meanwhile, Kakashi is content with a flip phone (if it calls people and texts people, then it is enough for him) and struggles with all the acronyms that the youth use. He prefers the days people wrote proper texts instead of using so many acronyms he can’t make heads or tails of it.

And well, maybe we see him grumbling about Today’s Youth! once or twice, only to get endlessly teased by Iruka who can’t resist making fun of him and his hair as a result.

But that’s my thoughts/ What do y’all think though?


I see it the opposite way with the slang XD I picture Iruka more set in his ways, but adaptable; so he would like for communication to stay proper & stuff (especially when people are writing their mission reports!), but since he works with kids, he’s been forced to learn slang to make sure the kids aren’t being inappropriate or anything (and god, it’s hard to remember, because what happened to lmfao, and ttyl? What does bet mean? Why do the kids keep screaming yeet when they throw their kunai & shuriken during target practice?!), and it sometimes slips into his daily life because of how often the slang is used

And Kakashi, on the other hand… He’s a very quick learner and picks up the slang from all around him on his travels, around the village, etc., and he likes to use it to, as Gai says, be “hip”. Except. He doesn’t quite understand what context the slang should be used, so he just uses the terms randomly, often in ways that don’t quite fit :joy: (Ad sometimes he does know what to use, but says the wrong thing just to aggravate people XD)


Kakashi would do that just to be annoying wouldn’t he?