Meta Monday: Most Competitive When Playing Video Games

Who is the most competitive when playing video games together?

I think they’re both competitive, but Iruka is competitive right away, and Kakashi becomes competitive later. Kakashi is used to being at the top with everything, so he doesn’t feel the need to compete; but when Iruka suddenly shoots him with a blue shell in Mario Kart and he ends up dead last, or Iruka’s mashing of the keys gives him a strong combo that very quickly drains his HP in a fighting game, he can’t help but do anything he possibly can to win. Especially when they’ve agreed on a prize for the winner, and punishment for the loser XD

Unlucky for him, though, his extra effort only fuels Iruka’s desire to win; and the rest of the night, their challenge is as intense & even as his ones with Gai. Sometimes they even pull an all-nighter before settling on a winner :crossed_swords:

I also like to think that when they invite Naruto over for games nights, they’re confident in themselves and think they’re really good at the games they play, only to find that he is so much better than them & usually kicks their butts! :joy:


Agreed!!! Iruka in my head is like “finally something I can beat this jounin jerk at!” And so he’s super into it. Kakashi thinks it’s cute until he’s actually losing and realizes he doesn’t want to lose suddenly. Haha. Somehow there must be frying pans thrown. (one of them plays princess peach in super smash?? :joy:)

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Yes! All of this!

omg what if they had a gaming marathon, and the loser has to wear a tiara or a princess hat (idk what they’re called, but like, the pink cone-shaped hats that have a veil thing coming from the tip XD) or something during the marathon :joy: (I really want to draw that now XD)

EDIT: I actually did start a sketch, and it oozes chaotic energy :joy:

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Omg post it! Hahahahahahaha

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I was going to show you the outline tonight, but I was having anatomy troubles, and while I do have an outline done, there’s still stuff I wanna fix up first :sweat_smile: It is pretty funny, though. I’ve been giggling away to myself because Kakashi looks so dumb; and I really can’t wait to finish it so I can share the final copy :joy:

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I’ll be here just eagerly awaiting! :joy:

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Here we go! :joy: I’m probably gonna share this in Umino Hours, too, so you’ll more than likely see it there, first XD

kakashi loses mario kart


You were right! :joy: It’s adorable and perfect for this thread tho! Hahahahahha

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I particularly like how intense it is, even at 4:30 in the morning; but also, the thing that gets me giggling is how serious Kakashi is with the sparkly princess hat on, because it makes it look like he wears it all the time, and this is a totally normal outfit choice for him :joy:

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