Meta Monday: Modern AU: Jobs in the Modern World

Another Monday, another meta Discussion! And this time, as we kick off a new month of Meta Mondays, we have a new topic! This month, the Meta Monday theme will be focused on Modern AU!

And to kick things off, how about we start with a broad question: What kinds of jobs would Kakashi and Iruka have in the modern world?

Kakashi: I think Kakashi would have a job as a firefighter or police officer or some other law enforcement type activity. Perhaps he might be part of some secret service organization or be Konoha’s own Agent Twilight like a certain Loid-san? I just think he’d suck at other jobs. He needs the adrenaline and excitement that are required with this job. I also have seen some fics that say Kakashi as a soldier who retired and began a career in law enforcement. I like to think he will fight corruption in Konoha this way.
But honestly, there are so many jobs for him! I once even started a WIP where he’s a yakuza aniki so, there’s a lot to choose from!

Iruka: Iruka will always be a teacher to me. Whether it’s as an elementary school teacher, a middle or high school teacher, a college professor, heck even a grad student who is studying to be a teacher, Iruka is destined to be a teacher in m mind. He is allowed to have other jobs, as long as his end goal is teaching (I like to headcanon him as a struggling grad student working odd jobs as he works towards teaching). I’m afraid I can’t headcanon anything else for him lol.

But, those are my headcanons. What about you all? What kinds of jobs do you think Iruka and Kakashi would have in a modern AU?


I like Iruka as any job where he’s working with people. I’ve written him as a student studying social work, but could also see him as a counselor or therapist or placed in a medical field.

Kakashi I see in careers that require attention to detail: engineer, architect, field scientist, inventor, etc.


Modern world jobs…i guess for Kakashi: business owner , dog shelter or trainer, super secret service, military, the weird hot teacher, a librarian. Pro athlete of something.
For Iruka : pre k teacher, administration positions, secretary, book store owner.


I loved your ideas for Iruka @mt_nikolle ! Yes Iruka is definitely a people person.

As for Kakashi: @13Bella : the description of him as a weird hot teacher cracks me up, but sounds so accurate. Now teaching: An analyais of Jiraiya’s works. Taught by:Prof. Hatake"