Meta Monday: Liking The Beach

Who likes the beach more?

I think Iruka would like the beach more. After being stuck in the village all the time, he would appreciate the change of scenery; and while he’s out, he would find the atmosphere, and the gentle way the waves roll across the shore very soothing.

At the same time, I feel like rather than everything sapping his energy away, it would give him even more than usual, so he would want to do all the things, from beach volleyball, to sandcastle making, to catching waves & just relaxing in the water, to just hanging out, while he was there.

Kakashi on the other hand, would like the beach, and enjoy doing things with Iruka, but I can see him not liking sand very much, and wanting to go home after some time because he feels a bit uncomfortable & wants to get clean, though he never lets this ruin the fun for Iruka, and often, Naruto.

Instead, once he’s done with swimming and other outdoor activities, he likes to find a quiet, shady place to sit and read, and take advantage of the fact that he doesn’t have to go anywhere, that he’s away from the village to relax, for once; and will sometimes doze off. He needs to be careful about sleeping on the beach, though, because his boyfriend is a prankster, after all! :joy:

What do you think?


I’ve actually been thinking about this one all day. I can see young Kakashi going to the beach with the ninken when they are pups, because they ask him to. They play or practice in the sand and the water coming home all sandy and in need of thorough showers!

This all stops as Kakashi grows older until he meets Iruka who bring them all on a date to the beach and the happy memories come rushing back for dog and jounin alike.

Iruka had always loved the sea and the beach. One of is favorite places is an onsen overlooking the sea, and he would go for long walks on the beach after a nice soak. Like you say @kakairu-shrine, Iruka does not get to leave the village a lot and when he does, the sea holds a special place in his heart. It is a place where he can relax and have a break from mission reports and the Academy alike.

Iruka loves the beach and Kakashi loves the beach with Iruka :revolving_hearts: So yeah, the both like the beach only in different ways :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:


I agree that Iruka likes the beach more. I think Kakashi might be more wary at the beach because he’s used to living life in the trees. Being out in the open with no cover probably makes him (sub)consciously nervous/tense.