Meta Monday: Kakashi & Iruka With Technology

If Kakashi and Iruka had access to the same technology as us (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.), who would be the expert, and who would have the most trouble using it?

I think they would both be pretty competent overall, but I think Iruka would be more experienced with laptops and tablets because of how often he’d use them for teaching; and Kakashi would be able to navigate a smartphone better than Iruka (especially taking photos and videos (of Iruka) & uploading them to social media :wink:).

I also envision Iruka as someone who would be able to fix all his IT problems himself, and would probably have a small collection of old laptops and PC parts lying around his home office “just in case” XD Kakashi would be proud of his achievements, but would also think “why bother?”, since it would be easier for him to get a new one (which they could comfortably afford).

Do you agree, or do you see things differently? How do you visualise Kakashi & Iruka with technology?

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i LOVE the idea of kakashi just taking pictures of iruka all the time. mostly of iruka unawares, because honestly, those are his favorite ones. though, there would be that one of iruka with the biggest sunshine smile directed at him and kakashi loses his breath every time he looks at it.

kakashi would know how to work the internet quite well, if only to get to fanfiction. can you imagine iruka being surprised that kakashi can work the internet so well and kakashi just saying “how else am i supposed to read fanfic?” :joy:

i agree iruka would know how to navigate laptops and tablets because of teaching - it’s in his best interest, otherwise the pre-genin would try to take advantage of his lack of knowledge. jokes on you kids, this sensei is COMPETENT.


I think that Iruka would be pretty good with tech, as he works with kids and kinda has to keep up. But Kakashi… he is resistant to change and gets Shikamaru to deal with anything that requires use of tech (Kakashi is me) :laughing:

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I think… like everyone else, that Iruka is proficient/really smart with it BUT doesn’t care about it unless he needs it to teach. He has social media accounts that he’s barely touched. Mostly because he’s not interested but also because people bothered him a lot. I love that one text post I saw on tumblr once that was like: iruka is the hot sensei and everyone comes into his dm’s being like DAMN maybe i do need help with chakra control lmaooo so he just… stopped using it. ANYWAY

Whereas Kakashi uses it all the time to snap dumb photos (and cute photos of his bf too) and laugh at memes and such, but doesn’t really understand everything you can do. Like one day Iruka will be like, hey kakashi you know you can take a boomerang of a dog moving–and Kakashi’s like wow :star_struck: instantly obsessed. And takes boomerangs of EVERYTHING and it gets really annoying, to the point people just swipe past his stories XD or he takes a zillion of those tests that calculate things like “what dog breed are you” (kakashi, reclined on the couch, scoffing: iruka can you BELIEVE it said I’m a beagle?! ridiculous does it again) or “what kind of gay are you” and does them over and over again until he gets an answer he likes, which defeats the purpose.

…so that’s my two cents. :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: hahaha


:joy::joy::joy: i agree with all of this!!

@badger omg Kakashi would definitely read fanfiction!! And that is totally the only reason he learnt how to use the internet properly - he would do anything to get his daily dose of fanwork! In his Hokage days, I could see him needing to use a laptop for work, and whenever he uses it, he always has a second window open that he flicks to when no one else is around, so he can read his fics throughout the day. But one day, he gets caught, and he has no idea how, because he’s been very careful in making sure there’s not a soul in the room when he opens the page… And it turns out he accidentally enabled chromecast, or screen-sharing of some kind, and everyone can see his screen XD

@MagnusTesla AHH! You just reminded me of a mini comic I saw quite recently about Kakashi & technology!! He wasn’t coping with it very well XD

@ladyxdaydream Yes! I totally agree with everything you said! Iruka doesn’t really get the hype of social media - after working so much all his life, he’s probably in the mindset of “there’s better things I could be doing with my time”; and he doesn’t really want to deal with all those people hitting on him :sweat_smile:

Kakashi would definitely be obsessed with all the different camera settings like panorama, slow motion, etc.; and he’d love playing around with filters and special effects. I think you’re right, too - once he discovers a new feature, he would use it non-stop (and probably thinks he’s cool because of it, since he’s keeping up with the times) XD

And although Iruka loves him, he does get fed up when he has to pose for selfies, because it won’t just be for a pic or two - Kakashi won’t let him go until he’s got the perfect shot; and then he’ll want to try out other features while he’s got him there. As much as he loves taking candid shots of Iruka, he wants to have a heap with both of them together, too :heart: But since he has so many nice photos to choose from, he always has trouble deciding which ones to use for his wallpapers :sweat_smile:


This sounds like a sorta stalker thing😂 Kakashi loves taking pics of iruka while he is unaware. just imagine Kakashi doing the most to get flattering but creepy pictures of iruka.

Meanwhile like some sort of weird premonition or something iruka keeps hearing the songs -Somebody’s watching me and every step you take :joy:

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:joy: :joy: :joy:
You know that it’s getting bad when your stalker has their own theme song!

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Omg right!! It reminds me of the movie keepers creepers where the song comes on when he’s near.

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