Meta Monday: Kakashi and Iruka Halloween costumes

If Konoha celebrated Halloween, what do you think Kakashi and Iruka would dress up as?

I could see Kakashi being a mummy, just so he had an excuse to hide his face XD And maybe if he had enough chakra, he’d leave his sharingan uncovered & wrap up his normal eye, just for extra added effect.

As for Iruka, I could see him wanting to go for something creepy, but when he actually dresses up, he just ends up looking too cute to be scary :heart:

What do you think?


a mummy sounds cool! certainly fits his laid back character too… on the other hand if we’re going with masks, then he could also do those uh slasher films villains! like that dude with the mask. jason??? i haven’t actually watched any of them tbh.

but i also feel like it would certainly be in character for him to turn up as he is and be all like, i’m dressed as a jounin :stuck_out_tongue:

personally i agree that iruka would go all out on a costume, especially if it’d get him attention when he was younger. funds and resources willing, that is. when he’s older he’d go easier on the effort but he’d reuse some of his older costume tricks (maybe involving seals :P) so they still look pretty dang cool. or cute, haha


I definitely think Iruka would go all out, but say he does it for the kids (although he just really enjoys dressing up). I mean, I’m going to be predictable here and say he’d dress as a werewolf, because when have I not hc’d him as some wolf creature lol


The mummy costume is an awesome idea for Kakashi.

I think he’s likely to dress up in something goofy and eccentric. Like a mascot sort of thing. A bulldog one. With a huge head that his face sticks out of. :kissing:

I think Iruka would do more generic or classic costumes, like a mummy or vampire. But it’d be real nice.

Or maybe he’d just dress up as Kakashi. :eyes:

Also watch Kakashi become Konoha’s new cryptid because he’s having too much fun tormenting the littles.

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Welcome to the forum, Bishi!

That’s an interesting idea, with Kakashi as a mascot! My first thought was maybe he’d do that because he’s lost a bet & the winner got to choose a punishment, but I can also kinda see him dressing as a mascot just because he feels like it (at least, as an adult!)!

I could definitely see Iruka going for generic & classic, too; but he would be so creative about it - there are so many ways he could use seals for special effects - on contact lenses to make his eyes glow, create a constant swirling breeze/ thin haze around him, etc.! There’s so many things he could do, I bet he even has special lessons at the academy in October for very basic ones so his students can learn to do something cool (and to trick them into mastering the fundamentals of seals hehe)

lmao Kakashi would definitely have a blast tormenting all the kids, especially Naruto & his friends XD

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I think you’re absolutely right that Iruka would go all out! And as I just said to Bishi, there would be so many opportunities to use seals for special effects; so his costumes would always look so damn awesome!

When I first wrote the post, my first thought was also Iruka as a werewolf, too; but idk if that’s my own thinking, or me being influenced by stuff I’ve seen in the server & on Twitter XD He would be adorable as one, I think :heart:


lmao Kakashi totally would just… not dress up & claim that he has XD
I’m so on board with the seals for special effects idea (as you’ll see in my other replies haha)! There’s just so many ways Iruka could utilise them!

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@Bishiglomper welcome to the forum!

A mascot sort of thing
that kind of reminds me of the cardboard cutout of a frog that Iruka snuck around in. I can’t remember the context, but I was like boy, you know how to use a henge tho? Why are you doing this to yourself. But a goofy and eccentric costume would suit kakashi alright! maybe a onesie, it seems suitably low effort :stuck_out_tongue: and a huge head and still with his mask :stuck_out_tongue:

@MagnusTesla I fully appreciate your predictability, it only means more lupine Iruka content ahahahah! But yes, he’d do it for the kids - so that they can see their teacher’s cool side!! :sunglasses:


Creo que Kakashi cogería la sábana de su cama e iría disfrazado de un insípido fantasma XD. Lo veo tan flojo para tomarse el tiempo de hacer un disfraz para Halloween.

Y veo a Iruka haciendo acto de presencia como Indiana Jones, con esa casaca de cuero y su infaltable látigo. Un sexy Indiana Jones.

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Realmente amo estas ideas!
Kakashi definitivamente basaría su disfraz en el poco esfuerzo que tiene que hacer! :joy:
Iruka como Indiana Jones es una imagen tan maravillosa :heart_eyes:

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