Meta Monday: Holiday Baking!

Hello all! Mod @kaoruhana here again! :wave:

I want to apologize for posting this a day later. IRL work has kept me a bit busy (Court does not wait for anyone) so I’m a bit behind. But, I’m back now, and I hope you all are ready for the next Meta Monday question!

And with that said, here we go with the next Question which takes a break from all that talk about football (soccer). This week’s question is: Who is better at holiday baking??

By holiday baking I’m referring to cookies, cakes, pastries, and puddings. I’ll be honest, when it comes to who is better, I think it’s Kakashi. I headcanon that Iruka is a hazard in the kitchen. He can make tea, rice, and instant ramen and that is it. Anything else is prone to causing disasters. Naturally, that makes Kakashi the better in everything related to food.

For example, I think he secretly makes his ninken cookies every year and when Iruka finds out, he gets some too. But only if he promises to never tell Team Seven about it.

And so when it comes to Christmas baking, I think Kakashi’s the one who’d be the better one at it.

But, what do y’all think?

I hc that Kakashi is the better cook, but Iruka is the bettter baker.

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That’s an interesting concept. I just headcanon that Iruka is a mess in the kitchen and so he can’t do anything right. XD