Meta Monday: Hiding Halloween Candy

How does Kakashi & Iruka hide the Halloween candy?

Considering they’re in a village full of shinobi, and with friends that will often help themselves to their things, I don’t think Kakashi & Iruka would be able to hide it in normal ways.

In the beginning, I could see Iruka trying to hide it normally, and do something simple like hiding the candy in a box of bag of things that his friends and Naruto don’t like; but they quickly figure out the trick, so he keeps it in a storage scroll…

Except, his friends like to snoop, and when they find the storage scroll (Naruto finds it accidentally when looking for something else at Iruka’s place), they open it, and find the candy there. So Iruka sets up a booby trapped seal on the scroll to keep people out…

Except, Kakashi finds it, and immediately tries to open it because he loves a good challenge, and wants to know what is so important Iruka has put in all this effort to make sure no one can get to it; and when he discovers it’s the Halloween candy, he knows he shouldn’t touch it, but he can’t help himself - he deserves a reward for completing the challenge, after all!

Iruka makes the seals & traps more and more complex, but he still can’t win, so he makes Kakashi buy it from then on - if he’s going to eat it, he can replace it, himself…

And when he starts buying it, Iruka decides to start stealing some of the candy, so that Kakashi has to figure out how to hide it. Payback couldn’t get any sweeter :wink:

What do you think?


Super late, but I agree with you! I think it would be a game between them too.