Meta Monday: Halloween School Events

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she’s unable to post the Meta Mondays for a bit, so I’m sharing her posts on her behalf! :lovebomb:

It’s Halloween! To celebrate, here’s a slight change to the High School Meta Monday. We’re still going to keep with the theme, but with a twist!

This week, to round off the October Meta Mondays, and to celebrate Halloween, our question is:

Who gets involved in the most Halloween themed events at school?

I think it would be Iruka. It’s not that Kakashi doesn’t get invited to all the Halloween parties or other events, but everyone knows he won’t show up, so it’s more of a “Hey, we’re doing this, come join us if you want” kind of thing. Whereas with Iruka, he gets involved in everything. So, the Halloween Carnival thrown by the Student Council, the parties that he ends up going to in a show of support, the decorations around the school and the volunteer trick-or treating event with the elementary school next door.

And, because I always believe Iruka is fun, he’ll definitely try to convince the professors to let the students come dressed up in costumes if they want.

What do you all think?


I think Kakashi would be involved by getting dressed up in a super fabulous costume. He made it himself. It looks kick-ass true to character. He acts in the persona of that character and only answers to the character’s name.

Iruka is definitely the one active on the event planning and execution side of things. His special project, though, is the haunted house. Years after he graduates, they still talk about the scares he pulled off and how awesome it was. He becomes part of the school’s mythology and a bit if an urban legend.

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Iruka being the ultimate goal to beat when it comes to haunted houses: I support it.

Also for Kakashi:
“Hatake-san,” the teacher stated through grit teeth, fed up with his antics, “just answer the question please.”

Kakashi sighed, and slouched in his chair, nonplussed by his sensei’s ire. “Maa, Sensei, have you not heard of method acting. I’ve told you: today my name is Ronin-san.”

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