Meta Monday: Haircuts

Who is better at cutting the other’s hair?

I think Iruka is. Since he has hair that makes it easy to tell if there’s been a mistake somewhere, is uneven, etc. he would take that into consideration when giving Kakashi a haircut, despite the fact that Kakashi’s hair is generally so wild that a couple of mistakes here & there would go unnoticed.

Kakashi on the other hand, wouldn’t have a clue how to cut Iruka’s hair properly, since he’s so used to just doing his own with a kunai, and can get away with it. Iruka almost had a heart attack the first time Kakashi agreed to cut his hair, and he went to do the same thing! :joy:

In saying that, though, when Iruka finally trusts him enough to be able to do it again (he went to a hairdresser for months after the first time, and only got Kakashi to do it again because he was the only option at the time, and he was desperate), Kakashi does a much better job, remembering Iruka’s complaints from last time; and he’s able to cut his hair pretty straight, though I don’t think he’d be too good at styling it. Iruka doesn’t mind too much, though, because when he gets Kakashi to cut his hair, he’s only expecting something simple, anyway!

What do you think?


What a question! Hmmm. Is it canon that kakashi cut his hair with a kunai? Because it is to me now! Haha. I think tho that kakashi only does that with his hair? He cuts the ninkin right in my brain. So he has the equipment! (Tho Iruka may not be pleased when he finds out kakashi used dog clippers on him).
I think Iruka is bad at it and that’s why his hair is long and always up in a pony. Even after that building exploded on him his hair was still up! That’s the sign of a man who doesn’t want you to know one side is an inch longer. Hahahahahahahahahah. I think Irukas horrible and hair and kakashi doesn’t care about his own.
I can image kakashi seeing Irukas hair down for the first time and just like… “Oh”… “That’s why you wear it up” and Irukas like: “it’s not that bad! And I wear it up bc of the kids… Yeah… The kids…”


I don’t actually know if it’s canon or not that Kakashi uses a kunai to cut his hair, but I can see him just looking at himself in the mirror before leaving on a mission or going out for the day, and going “hmm… That part is starting to get a little long/ stands out compared to the rest of my hair”, and then just pulls a kunai from his pouch, because it’s the quickest blade to reach for, and cuts it so it doesn’t stand out :joy:

That’s a funny image for Iruka XD Kakashi expects when he lets Iruka’s hair down for the first time, that he’s going to see long, gorgeous locks; and it just looks like someone tried to hack into it in some parts :joy:


@kakiru-shrine I can totally see Kakashi fixing his hair with a kunai when it’s too long too :grinning: I demand the universe produce fanart of this!

I would love if Kakashi secretly used his Sharingan to copy how a hairdresser cuts hair in order to be able to cut Iruka’s hair better. Like the devotion. Even if it’s not a jutsu to cut hair, I’m thinking kind of how Sasuke copied Lee’s movements when they fought.

Even without the Sharingan, I’m imagining Kakashi’s attention to detail and analytical skills would have him figure out how to cut hair pretty quickly. If he insists on doing it with a kunai though, I’m not sure :joy:

I love me these kinds of scenarios from daily life where Kakashi and Iruka are just doing stuff :heart_eyes:

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Yes, Kakashi would definitely use his sharingan for that! I headcanon him as using it for things other than jutsu all the time, because it’s so convenient XD

The first time Kakashi cut Iruka’s hair, I imagine it was a spontaneous decision on Iruka’s part, so he didn’t have any time to prepare & learn how to do it, hence why it wasn’t exactly the best; but you can bet that the moment he had the chance, Kakashi snuck into a hairdressers to copy the techniques used. He does want to make his boyfriend look good, after all…

Not that he isn’t, already! :wink:

Ok its canon for me now that Kakashi cuts his own with a kunai but uses sharingan to learn to cut Iruka’s perfectly :joy: