Meta Monday: Grocery Shopping

Who does the grocery shopping?

I think that’s something Kakashi & Iruka usually do together, when Kakashi is home from missions, and Iruka has some time off. Iruka would insist on having a list, even though Kakashi always remembers everything they need; and when they’re out, both of them like to stroll the markets, searching for inspiration for different meals.

If they’ve been shopping for a while, though, Kakashi tends to get bored, so when Iruka’s not looking, he likes to play a game of “how many random things can I put in our basket before he notices?” – bonus points if Iruka hands the extra things to the cashier and he still isn’t aware XD

When it’s just one of them home for a while, when Kakashi is out on a mission, or when Iruka is on an Academy camp or something like that, neither of them can be bothered doing the shopping, so when they run out of groceries, they just go out for ramen, instead XD

What are your thoughts?


hmmm for me it depends on whether iruka is someone who learnt how to cook.

like on one hand im fond of iruka being unable to cook because i too cannot cook because he might have no one to teach him and ramen was so much cheaper and quicker to eat than to do all the chopping and frying and boiling and steaming rice. so grocery shopping he’d usually go buy the essentials such as toiletries and detergent. when kakashi finallly comes around and blesses the household with homemade food, iruka is faced with the daunting task of shopping for vegetables and fruits and cuts of meat. he spends a good ten minutes staring at a tomato wondering how hard was he supposed to press it to make sure it was ripe or fresh. when his mother did it it looked so arbitrary. (the next time they go grocery shopping, kakashi tags along and shows off the skills he learnt while hanging around kushina, who shouted for him to get down from the supermarket rafters and help a pregnant lady with her groceries. good times.)

iruka is also an absolute sucker for deals though especially the buy one get one. particularly for sweets.

now if iruka knew how to cook (as anyone who would like to save on expenses would), i imagine it’d play out pretty much like how you said. he’d also clip out the coupons beforehand and line up for the proper days the market has sales on fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. he can’t beat the shinobi grannies who seem to line up a split second before the sales start but he can be there to grab himself something worth the price :stuck_out_tongue:

now when kakashi is there, four hands and three eyes (four if u count the sharingan on a very busy day) means a better market haul. but also the risk of unexpected items going into the basket! u win some u lose some.


I really like this take on it! Now that you mention it, I could definitely see Iruka struggling to figure out what he’s supposed to buy when Kakashi’s home & willing to cook (and now I want to help him XD). I love the idea of Kakashi helping Kushina go grocery shopping, too, though I think part of the reason he knows what’s good & what’s not is from practice, since he’s been cooking since he was a kid.

lmao, when he was learning to cook from a recipe book, if the ingredients listed something as fresh (eg. fresh eggplant, fresh basil, fresh salmon), I could totally picture him taking it very literally, being a kid and all; and think that fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs meant hand-picked from a garden (instead of buying from a market), and fresh fish meant he had to catch them himself :joy:

And yes! Iruka absolutely would be a bargain hunter! The more money he can save, the better!


Ay, ya basta. Tus headcanons me abrazan el corazón, a este paso voy a terminar con diabetes. Me encanta que, aunque esté aburrido, Kakashi siga a su lado porque eso significa pasar más tiempo con Iruka. Amo :heart:

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Eres muy dulce :heart:

Kakashi haría cualquier cosa si Iruka estuviera a su lado :heart: :two_hearts:

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