Meta Monday: Favourite Class at Hogwarts

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she was unable to post it today, so I’m sharing her post on her behalf!

This week’s question is:

What would be Kakashi & Iruka’s favourite classes at Hogwarts?

So far we’ve gone over Kakashi and Iruka’s Hogwarts houses, their careers in a Harry Potter AU, and their favorite spells. But now, comes another one: what would be their favorite class at Hogwarts?

For Kakashi, while it might be DADA, I think he might excel at something like Arithmancy or Potions. He’s smart, and he knows it, and he can easily apply it to things that might not be easy or intuitive for others. And I think he has a knack for knowing how certain things fall into place or how certain ingredients come together for a perfect potion.

As for Iruka, I think he’d enjoy charms, but I think his real strength lies in Runes. They offer so much protection and he’ll have a knack for knowing which runes to use in what order to get the perfect combination of protection or sealing. We already know he’s great at fuinjutsu and I think Runes wouldn’t be a big jump from there.

But what do you think?

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Ohh !!! I think Kakashi might have a soft spot for the Care of Magical Creatures. All his dogs will appreciate he’s expertise in that field. For Iruka I agree he seems like a rune person!!!:sparkling_heart:

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I didn’t think of that class for Kakashi but now that you mention it, I could definitely see it! And I’m so glad these Meta Mondays inspired you to draw :slight_smile: