Meta Monday: Dyeing Hair

Would Kakashi, or Iruka be most likely to dye their hair? What colours do you think they would go for?

I think Iruka would be most likely to do it, but I don’t think he’d dye all his hair. I could see him wanting a more subtle change, and going for natural-coloured lighter brown/ blonde highlights. His friends have told him to go for bolder colours before, but he still wants to look professional at the academy, so he’s always refused to.

Before he started dating Kakashi, he used to visit a hairdresser whenever he wanted it done; but now, Kakashi helps him out with box dye, and is surprisingly really good at applying it and making all the highlights even.

As for Kakashi, he generally prefers wearing wigs if he’s going to temporarily change his hair, especially when disguising himself on a mission, but he has had it dyed before… though not willingly. He once lost a bet to Iruka, and had to let Anko dye his hair; and he’d had no idea what he was in for.

Anko had assured him she’d choose something that would look good on him; and he thought he could trust her… Until he was waiting for the dye to set, and his roots started to become dark purple… and the strands transitioned into an ocean blue… and the blue transitioned to bright turquoise. She had used permanent dye, and he couldn’t get rid of the colours for weeks - he was horrified! A lot of people told him he looked cool, but he’d still found it embarrassing standing out like that, and hasn’t let anyone near his hair (or lost a bet to Iruka!), since XD

What do you think?


Oh what a cool idea for kakashi’s hair!
I agree. I think Iruka would do it more likely. I think he would do it for his students tho! Like they make a bet that if they all get As on the test he will dye his hair bright green or something! Then they do and he upholds his end.
But really as we all know from his childhood flashbacks, Iruka loves attention. Sooo maybe he doesn’t really mind it haha.

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I could see that happening! Though I reckon Iruka originally makes the bet with his class because he’s seen their grades, and doesn’t think everyone will get As - a mix of As and Bs, yeah, but surely not everyone will get an A; and when they all do, he’s very pleasantly surprised to see that he was proven wrong. And even if he’s not keen on having unnatural hair, or doesn’t like the colour the kids chose or whatever, he’s still very proud to show it off because it’s proof of their success (and his success as a teacher) :heart:

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Los imagino más propensos a teñirse el cabello cuando las canas se les noten.

Sobre todo a Kakashi, me lo imagino siendo la reina del drama porque su cabello plateado está combinado con cabellos blancos XD. Lo veo corriendo a la tienda más cercana por tinte de cabello plateado.

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jajaja él también lo haría!

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Eso es tan cómico y realista al mismo tiempo :joy: