Meta Monday: Differences in Chores snd Cleaning Habits

Another Monday in Sept: the last one actually. Which means its time for our last Meta Monday on the theme of “Differences.”

Apologies for the delayed posting: work has been a bit busy!

To close out September, I thought it would be good to ask a question that I think we all have our own headcanons about:

What are the differences between how Kakashi and Iruka handle chores and cleaning?

I think both men are clean and tidy, but I can freely admit that if I had to rank them, Kakashi would be more cleanly compared to Iruka. I think Kakashi would be the type to need a clean, orderly home when he comes back from stressful missions. Knowing where things arw when he is delirious and maybe still in mission mode makes things go smoother. It’s not to say he doesn’t have dirty laundry he sometimes pile up, but that he tries not to let it pile up.

As for Iruka, I think he’s like a lot of overworked folks who prioritize chores. He won’t live slovenly, but when it comes to getting to work on time or dishes, dishes get pushed off. He looks at chores from a Must do, Need to do, and Should do kind of attitude because he’s busy and chores take up time that he might not have.

But, what do you all think?