Meta Monday: Cooking For Team Gatherings

Who cooks for Team Seven gatherings?

I think Kakashi wouldn’t be bothered cooking, and just takes the team out for ramen, but Iruka would convince him to make something every once in a while so Naruto can have something other than ramen for once. Iruka would cook, himself, but he’s only good at baking, and he wants Naruto to get some proper nutrients, so he doesn’t do it often.

When the team has done exceptionally well, Kakashi & Iruka will surprise everyone by both making something; and even Naruto doesn’t complain that it’s not ramen, because Kakashi’s & Iruka’s cooking is always amazing.

What do you think?

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I am so late to this. But recently, I also learned that in Kishimoto’s notes, he once described Kakashi as domestic.

Now the idea of Kakashi cooking in an apron won’t leave me. And I can’t help but headcanon Kakashi as the cook between the two of them.