Meta Monday: Coffee, or Tea?

What beverage do you think Kakashi & Iruka likes the most? Are they a coffee person, or a tea person? How do you think they drink it? :coffee: :tea:

I think that Kakashi and Iruka like both coffee & tea, but Kakashi drinks coffee more, and Iruka goes for tea.

Kakashi probably prefers his coffee black and unsweetened to enjoy its more earthy flavour; and I can’t see him having milk in his tea, but he does like sugar in it.

As for Iruka, I think he’s got a bit of a sweet tooth, and always has sugar in both his coffee & tea. I think he always drinks his coffee with milk, too, and just occasionally with tea, depending on its flavour. But even though those are his go-to beverages, he won’t say no to a mug of hot chocolate in winter!

Do you think they like different drinks, or have their coffee & tea differently?
Share your thoughts below!

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I h/c Iruka as a tea drinker! He will sometimes drink coffee if Kakashi is home, and rather than make two different drinks, will enjoy a coffee with his love. But, unlike Kakashi, who has his black with no sugar, Iruka really loves lattes with the hazelnut syrup that Kakashi once brought home from another village.

In winter, both enjoy hot cocoa (Kakashi keeps his unsweetened) and cuddling together under the kotatsu.


Oh man. Iruka for me, it entirely depends on the 'verse i’m writing, but I generally hc him as being into both coffee and tea, using them for different things. Like he’ll generally go for tea, and then uses coffee more as a tool – he needs some extra umpf to get grading done or help him get up on a crappy morning & deal with children or to keep him awake at the mission desk. He can’t drink it all the time because I hc him as prone to anxiety sometimes and coffee does him no favors in those situations.

I almost exclusively hc Kakashi as the tea drinker. I imagine that coffee’s caffeine would be too strong for him and it would go straight to his head skdjghks and everyone would be like are you HIGH when it’s just … a cup of coffee lmao

ALSO - unpopular opinion ahead - I don’t hc Kakashi as hating all sweet things. I think he avoids things like cake etc because he doesn’t like that type of sweet, but I can see him fully enjoying something like good quality honey. Or things that might be considered a “sweet” but aren’t sugary. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really like your take on this! I never considered the effects of caffeine as something that would affect their preferences - I always thought of it as a taste thing; but when you think about it, it really would be a contributing factor! I also like your hc on how caffeine affects them.

Iruka most certainly would get anxiety, and he would probably feel his heart beating right out of his chest if he had too much caffeine; though I think he has a higher tolerance than Kakashi, since his lifestyle allows him to drink coffee & tea more regularly, as opposed to Kakashi, who’s always going out on missions, and can probably only have it every now and again.

I agree with you about Kakashi not hating sweet things. I think he does like the taste of sweetness, but if he has too much sugar all at once, or if something is really rich, he feels sick; so he tends to go for things made with more natural sugars, like savoury sweets (fruit pastries, pies, etc.), and more naturally sweetened condiments (honey, maple syrup, jam, etc.) instead.