Meta Monday: Cheating in a Card Game

Who would be most likely to cheat in a card game?

I think Kakashi would, initially, but once Iruka picks up that he’s being sneaky and has been cheating, rather than tell him off for it and starting the game again or stop playing altogether (usually, he just knows that he’s been cheating, but doesn’t know where or how, like taking extra cards, looking at his hand, etc.), his frustration makes him become more competitive, and he, too, begins to cheat – if Kakashi is allowed to play dirty, then he can, too.

Kakashi generally picks up pretty quickly when Iruka has started to cheat, but whenever he’s about to say something about it, he catches Iruka’s eye and can see that he’s been caught out, himself, so he keeps quiet and continues to play; and quite often, as the game progresses, it becomes a competition to see who can cheat the most outrageously without being caught.

The game either ends when one of them wins the card game they were playing, or when they get caught in the act of cheating; and neither of them have said it, but they both find this way of playing much more fun and stimulating than sticking to the rules, so it has become a regular thing XD

What do you think?

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I absolutely love this and 100% support this theory. It would be a battle to see who could be best at cheating. It seems totally on brand for both of them.

My question is, what’s the prize for winning and punishment for losing?


I think that would depend on whether the winner won the actual game, or won by default because the other got caught cheating. No punishment for losing if it’s because the other won the game, but a major punishment if you lose by getting caught cheating.

Winners by default get to choose the punishment (which could be something like making the other do all the house work, or the chores they hate for a week), and winners of the actual game get a reward like a massage or something else to pamper them. Though I wouldn’t put it past the one choosing the punishment to make the cheater have to do everything they say for a day or something like that :joy:

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