It’s another Monday, so that means it’s time for another Meta Discussion! I apologize that I’ve been slacking a bit on these! In between an illness and other IRL things, I’ve had to be a bit behind. Now that things have settled, I’m feeling better and able to get back into things.

As I’m sure you all have noticed, we’re trying to do Meta Mondays in themes. This time, I’ve picked a new theme that I don’t we’ve done yet: travel! To start off the first of the 3 Meta Mondays on this theme, I’ve got a question prepared for you all!

The first question on the travel theme is:

“Who brings the most souvenirs?”

The answer here is Iruka for me. I think Iruka, who has friends everywhere, would feel bad if he ever took a trip and forgot to give gifts to all his coworkes (teachers and mission desk folks), his favorite students (well all of them cause then he’d feel bad someone got left out), his friends, and of course the Hokage. So, he’d have to buy a bag just for souvenirs. Then there’s Kakashi who would maybe get a gift for Gai and Team Seven, but even then only if he remembers. He’s more likely to buy a set gift like a box of something and give it to the lot of them to share.

But that’s what I think. What do you all think?


I think Kakashi buys the most souvenirs, but he’s incredibly cagey about it. He will disappear for several minutes in towns and just reappear without any explanation about where he’s been. At home, Iruka will find a small collection of little gifts every time Kakashi comes home from a mission placed in random areas. His sandals? Small gift. His desk drawer at the academy? Small gift. In his favorite tea mug? Small gift. Kakashi will feign complete ignorance if asked, but Iruka isn’t fooled. He secretly loves the attention, even if he acts exasperated when he almost pours tea over a small figurine of a dog that looks suspiciously like Pakkun.


I think Iruka, simply because he doesn’t travel often, so when he does, he tends to go overboard and buy all the things.


This is soooo sweet!!! I love it! I’m just picturing this and I have this giddy smile on my face!