Meta Monday: Biggest Bookworm

Who is the biggest bookworm?

I think Kakashi and Iruka are both pretty big bookworms, but Kakashi’s love of books is more obvious, since he seems to have more time to read. Plus, Kakashi isn’t very disciplined when it comes to reading – he’ll read, even when he’s not supposed to be, whereas Iruka will only let himself read if he has the time.

Iruka would also be notorious for overdue library books, because whenever he visits the library, he has every intention of reading all the books he borrows – he is always very optimistic about being able to make time to be able to get to them; but when life gets in the way, he forgets about what he grabbed, and before he knows it, time has slipped away and he needs to return his books, sadly, unread.

When he does get time to read them, though, he can be found curled right up by Kakashi, who is also getting lost in another world :heart:

What do you think?

P.S. If you go to episode 101 of Naruto (the first episode where Team 7 tries to see Kakashi’s face), and then go 5:45 into the episode, you can see just how excited Kakashi is about books :books: When he sees the book store (it is a book store – I looked up the kanji to double check XD), he literally just dumps his shopping on the ground because he’s so distracted by the display :joy:


Era una librería erótica XD
Aunque libros son libros

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