Meta Monday: Better Singer

Hello all! Mod @kaoruhana here again! :wave:

I want to apologize for IRL work which has kept me a bit busy (Court does not wait for anyone). But, I’m back now, and I hope you all are ready for the next Meta Monday question!

As you all may have noticed, we’ve tried to keep the Meta Mondays themed! So for the next few Meta Mondays we’re going with the theme of music!

To start things off this week’s question is: Who is the better singer?

I think it’ll be Iruka. For all the times Kakashi is good at things, I think singing is just one thing he has no talent for. His friends like to joke with him about it, and one of the few challenges he always loses to Gai on are karaoke ones (which is likely why Gai suggests one at least once a year).

Iruka though: he’s good. He can not only croon out amazing shower melodies (let’s be honest: showers have good acoustics), but he can also memorize catchy lyrics quickly, and he’s the one you always want on your karaoke team. He also has a rather nice voice in my head, and I think he can keep a tune well.

But, what do y’all think?


Going to agree: Iruka has the better voice. Which might be, in part, because he has the opportunities to do it. Kakashi can’t practice out on missions because stealth is required.

(A friend in university had a terrible singing voice. It got a lot better with regular singing. Not amazing, but closer to average.)

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