Meta Monday: Better At Doing (Hypothetical) Daughter's Hair

If Kakashi & Iruka had a young daughter, who would be better at doing her hair?

I think Kakashi would be better at doing her hair. Whilst Iruka has got his ponytail sorted, because he has longer hair, Kakashi is always playing with it; and there’s no doubt in my mind that he puts it up in different hairstyles when they’re watching movies together; and by doing that all the time, I think he’s figured out how to do plaits, braids, etc., and would do them on his daughter, too. Eventually, Iruka would learn how to do some of those styles, too; but I think Kakashi would still be better at it because he’s had more practice, probably has a little more patience, etc.

But dressing her, on the other hand? I think Iruka would be much better. I see him as having a better sense of style than Kakashi, and he sees what his students wear all the time; so he knows what looks good, and how to dress her appropriately for different occasions.

And together, the two of them would make her look stunning (not that they would really need to do much, because if she’s their child, she’s already going to be absolutely adorable)!

What do you think?

And speaking of children, do any of you have an OC KakaIru child/ children you’ve written or drawn before? I would love to hear about them below :eyes:

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I would like to introduce my own OC KakaIru child, Kaito :eyes: He’s their son; and I have a series called Family Adventures, which is about just pure family fluff as he grows up :heart:


I’ve been meaning to reply to this but kept forgetting!
So, I think it would be Kakashi, and here’s why. I headcanon that if Kaka-Iru have a daughter they’d both be good parents in their own way. Kakashi would be the one,when she was a baby to feed her, clothe her, change her; but Iruka would have been more involved by making the food, buying the groceries/baby stuff, etc. on top of everything. And as their daughter grows up, this kind of pattern continues.
Iruka takes care of food, shopping, and playing tea parties leaving Kakashi to walk her to school, babysit her in the Hokage’s office, etc.
So, when she comes with this request, Kakashi would leap on it and learn because he wants this one bond with this daughter, this thing that is just “Papa Kashi and daughter” time. And Iruka lets him because he knows Kakashi didn’t have adults caring for him and struggles a little to get along/bond with his daughter, so if this is their thing, then it’s fine.


I too think Kakashi would be better at doing their hypothetical daughters hair!
I think he would watch Iruka being Iruka bonding with their daughter easily over reading time and shopping for clothes and how all this parent stuff comes to him so easily; I mean, he has enough practise as a teacher, no? And Kakashi would secretly be waiting for her to be old enough to teach her how to cook - hes so much a better cook than Iruka…
And when shes suddenly demanding more variation hairwise and Iruka is at a loss cause he wears his hair in a ponytail all his life, its Kakashis time to shine!
Hes totally not above using the Sharingan to copy all hairstyles he picks up on missions. He would coax his fellow shinobi into showing him how to braid and the different types of hair clips and what hair care products they use and he would even go as far as to delay defeating an enemy nin just to learn how they do their hair. And he would use all this gathered intel to spoil their daughter with new hairdos every day.
And Iruka would be VERY pleased with him, too :grin::grin:
Its a win:win for him, really…


@kaoruhana that’s such a cute idea :heart: I can imagine Kakashi not really knowing how to bond with her, but definitely wanting to; and when the hair thing comes, he does it because he knows he can, and when it works out better than expected, and they start really bonding, he gets excited because they’ve found their thing.

Also, whilst Iruka does the tea parties, when it comes to barbies & dolls, I can just see their daughter going to Kakashi to get him to do their hair all the time lol

@CorynHope Yes! Kakashi definitely would use the sharingan to learn about different hairstyles! Sakura & Ino would totally jump at the chance to teach him things, too!

And omg imagine if you were an enemy, and badass Kakashi of the Sharingan, man of A Thousand Jutsus beats you up; and you’re on the ground & can’t move, and he walks over, and you think this is it, that you’re going to die now; and he squats down and studies you intensely, and gently touches your hair - you get scared, now, thinking he’s going to make it slow and painful… And then he’s just like “I love your hair. How do you do it like that? Can you teach me? It’s so soft, too…” :joy: :joy: :joy:


@kakairu-shrine I am dying at your last paragraph. It would be so funny! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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