Meta Monday: Best Subjects

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she’s unable to post the Meta Mondays for a bit, so I’m sharing her posts on her behalf! :lovebomb:

It is yet another Monday in October, which means we have a new Meta Monday Question for you! We’re going to continue with the theme for this month: “high school AU,” and we hope you enjoy and chime in on our discussions on the subject!

This week’s question is: What subjects are Iruka and Kakashi the best in?

I like to think that Iruka is better at the social sciences and languages (so English and Japanese, History, etc.) while Kakashi is more logic oriented so his strengths lie in Maths and Sciences. I think Kakashi loves to tease Iruka about it too. I think he enjoys solving complicated problems in his head and casually listing off the Periodic table to Iruka who is slaving over his homework.

Meanwhile, I think Iruka drags Kakashi by the ear, or the collar of his jacket and sits him down at his desk for language classes, confiscating the Icha Icha Kakashi has snuck in and making him read the assigned reading for the week.

But, I think in this way they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. But that’s what I think. What about you all?

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