Meta Monday: Asking a Valentine Out

Who would ask their valentine out in a huge, elaborate way, and who would ask them out privately?

I feel like Kakashi would be more prone to doing something more elaborate, not necessarily because he wants to do a big display, but because when he asks his friends, Gai would suggest doing something big to show Iruka how much he wants him to be his Valentine; and everyone else would convince him it’s a great idea, even if it’s just because they want to watch him embarrass himself by doing something completely out of his comfort zone XD

Iruka, on the other hand, would read right through his friends’ intentions, and would probably choose a more personal option like getting him alone & asking him, or doing a secret admirer thing and then asking him in person, so as to not embarrass Kakashi (or even himself, if he gets rejected), much to the dismay of his friends… Who would probably try and stalk him so they can watch him ask Kakashi out! XD

What are your thoughts?

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