Meta Monday: Adventurous Foodie

Another Monday, another Meta Monday!

This weeks’ question is: Who is the more adventurous foodie?

Again for me, this is Iruka. It’s because I totally headcanon that Kakashi is well…to put it bluntly, boring, in the sense that he has a few homely comforts and things he likes, and he rarely deviates from them because they offer a sense of belonging and home. So, in terms of food, I think Kakashi is just like that: he only likes to prefer things he knows, things he grew up with eating, things that offer him comfort like the Tamago Kake Gohan he ate as a child to the eggplant whose taste he prefers, to the grilled saury that heralds the start of Fall.

Iruka meanwhile is more adventurous. He’s always outgoing, friendly, kind of an extrovert. So for him, the food he loves is comfort food, but it’s not the only thing he prefers. He’ll be the first to try out that special new dish that so and so restaurant created or the first to accompany friends to new restaurants with different cuisines because he enjoys learning ad experiencing new things.

But, what about you? What do you think: who is the more adventurous foodie?

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For me I’d have to say Kakashi is the adventurous foodie not by choice tho. Since he can take higher level missions then most he has to be on the road more therefore he can’t be as picky he’d probably eat what’s available. Especially if Kakashi is given a mission outside the country he would have to eat local dishes therefore exposing himself to more options. He has to have tried more dishes then Iruka who has to stay in close to the village to teach.


That is aninteresting take too! I guess I just prefer boring, stuck in his routines Kakashi.

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