"Many Little Notes" Valentine's Week Day 3 Submission!

Title: Many Little Notes
Author: Mandapandabug (me)
Ship: Kakashi/Iruka
CW: none. Well making light of some breaking and entering. But it’s for love! :joy:
Words: 7937
Summary: Iruka is getting tons of dirty, flirty, and funny little notes from a secret admirer. He secretly loves the attention (when he should probably be more concerned someone broke into his house) and when the big Vday is finally on the horizon, he needs to decide what to do with his admirer. Luckily the secret man left hints. Can Iruka figure out the secret and decide if he wants to meet up for a real date with the amusing ninja? Read and find out! Also learn some GREAT pick-up lines you can use for the big day yourself.

My submission for Day 3 Secret admirer of the Valentine’s Week Event!!! :heart:
This maybe my favorite story of mine so far :joy: no pressure tho…



I really loved reading this fic! You did such an amazing job :heart_eyes:

Also, you should probably take a look at what you wrote as the author on here XD If you need help fixing it up, I’m quite happy to do that for you!

Hahahaha thanks! I was blind but now I see!! Lol. Copy paste fails.

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