Knockout! The kakairu mini trope tournament!

Welcome to the semi-finals of the Kakairu Mini Trope Tournament!

It’s been an exciting four rounds that led us up to here, and now we have our final four contestants:

  1. Rock Band AU! :guitar:
  2. Idiots in Love! :persevere:
  3. Found Family! :family_man_man_girl_boy:
  4. Fake/Pretend Relationship! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Now one of the prizes promised for the top trope is a fic written by one of the mods - so for this round, we’d like to ask all of your opinions for what kind of plot points or features you would like to see in a fic for that trope! After all, the beauty of these tropes is that they have endless permutations - endless possibilities!

For example, for the Rock Band AU Kakashi and Iruka might be part of rival bands in a competition, or someone might have suggested a collaborative song or album for them to write and perform. Or for the Fake/Pretend Relationship, a mission is always a good reason - but what kind? Infiltration, information gathering, setting a trap - and why them?

So head on over to our first semi-final round - and have a free chocolate mint, complementary of the mods. :wink:

EDIT: Our second semi-final round is now live! Free choco mint included.

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