KakaIru Valentine's Week 2022: ONE WEEK LEFT TO SUBMIT CREATIONS!

2022 valentine's week one week

Hey guys! There’s just ONE WEEK LEFT to submit your final KakaIru Valentine’s Week 2022 creations!

After 28th February , our ao3 collection will be closed, and we will no longer be reblogging anything new made for the event, so please get your creations done as soon as possible!

Once we stop taking submissions, we will be putting together a masterpost of all your amazing work for you to indulge in all the kakairu you want, so please keep an eye out for that!

In the meantime, if you’re done with the event but still want something to do, why not take the time to explore the forum and see what other amazing kakairu things we have for you to enjoy?

We look forward to seeing you around!