Kakairu Rocks Forum Anniversary!

It came to my attention today that the forum had its First Year Anniversary this week!

In celebration, I have created a little something for you, on behalf of us mods.
I spent my day writing this fic, Surprises, for the anniversary; and I’m hoping it brings you as much joy as you’ve brought us! :heart::two_hearts:

And another exciting thing: If you’ve been here since last year, you should start receiving your Anniversary badges soon, so keep an eye out for that! If not, you’ll get yours when you have been here for a year! Please tell us when you do get them - we would love to celebrate the milestone with you :partying_face:

Thank you all for being part of the forum family and sharing so many wonderful things with us! We love having you around, and always look forward to seeing what you have to say and share! We hope you’ll be here for the next anniversary, too :heart::two_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Congrats for the anniversary! :birthday:

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Happy 1 year anniversary

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