KakaIru Maze Challenge 2024!

Hey guys! The KakaIru Maze Challenge is back; and Kakashi & Iruka need your help again, navigating though the dark, endless tunnels, and getting past all the obstacles!

They’re still planning the details with Tsunade, so you can’t sign up just yet; but they have prepared an outline of the mission based on their last journey through one of these mysterious mazes that randomly appeared in Konoha!

Mission Details:

You will be given a maze that has Kakashi at the beginning, and Iruka at the end. The goal will be for you to help Kakashi find his way to Iruka. To do this, you must figure out the path to reach him. But there’s a catch…

Scattered throughout the maze will be different symbols, which mark a trap or other danger that Kakashi has to face to continue on. Each symbol represents a different prompt, which will be listed in a key below the maze; and the only way Kakashi can get past is for you to make a creation for the prompt that is blocking him.

Once you have finished creating something for all the prompts along the path, Kakashi will reunite with Iruka, and you will have completed the challenge!


  • If there are multiple paths on your maze, you can choose whichever route you like to get to Iruka, even if it’s the long way around!
  • You do not have to draw the path you’ve decided to take, you only have to create something for the prompts you come across along it.
  • You can make creations for as many prompts as you like, but you must get all the prompts along the path to Iruka to win the challenge.
  • Minimum requirements: 100 words for fics, completed sketch for art.
  • Chapter fics don’t need to be complete to count!
  • Creations will be accepted in any language!
  • If you finish your maze, you can contact mod @kakairu-shrine for another one to do!


  • All content must be created for this event – old/ recycled work will not be allowed.
  • This is a KakaIru event, so all works must be endgame KakaIru.
  • Triggering, sensitive & NSFW content must be tagged appropriately. If it isn’t, we will not share it.


1st June: Theme reveal & sign ups open

30th June: Sign ups close

1st July - 31st August: Creation period

September: Masterpost full of wonderful creations is released! And a secret surprise :wink:

More information will be announced as Kakashi & Iruka finalise the details!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the KakaIru Maze Challenge, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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