KakaIru Big Bang 2021!

Hey all! Myself and some awesome friends are organizing a Big Bang! We’d love it if you could fill out our interest check form, and maybe signal boost/tell your friends, too!

Click here to fill in the form.

Visit our Tumblr page to keep up to date with the event progress and sign ups! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


another big bang! man this sure is exciting

my track record with big bangs have been abysmal so far but i’ll be cheering everyone on from the sidelines!!

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More details on our tumblr page, but:

  • Writer Sign-Ups Open Now - Nov 15

  • Beta Reader & Pinch Hitter Sign-Ups Open Nov 1 - July 2021

Click here to visit our tumblr page for the handbook info and sign-up links

Writer sign-ups are CLOSED.

Artist sign-ups open Dec 14!

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