KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021 Week 8 - FINALS!

week 8 finals advent calendar battle

Gyaaaaah! We’re finally here in Week 8 of the KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021, in the FINALS!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated a trope, and has been participating in the event - we couldn’t have done it without you! :chruheartkiss:

And a huge congratulations to the three people who made it to the end! Let’s see who they are:
@llsilvertail - Caught in the snow
@kage - The ninken being used to deliver gifts
@Mandapandabug - Unintentional snowball fight

This final vote is going to be the hardest one yet, because these are all amazing tropes, and you will only be able to choose one of them!

Good luck to our three finalists! We hope you come out on top! :chruheartkiss:

Mod @kakairu-shrine has also written one final drabble for the event, which you can read in the comments, or on ao3!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the battle!

  • Caught in the snow
  • The ninken being used to deliver gifts
  • Unintentional snowball fight

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DRABBLE - The Best Angel

“Iruka-sensei, let’s see who can make the best snow angel!”

“You’re on!” Iruka grinned as he followed Naruto to the clear patch of snow.

Kakashi came over to watch as they set themselves up, and Iruka held his hand out.

“Join us.”

Before Kakashi could say no, that he’d just watch, Iruka grabbed his arm, and quickly yanked him down beside him.

“H-Hey! I’m the Hokage, you know…”

Iruka laughed warmly, and pecked his cheek as he lay down again; and Kakashi watched on, smiling fondly, as his warmth reached his soul.

Iruka was the best angel of them all.


Oh no, all of these choices are so good!!


The finals are heeeere!!!

I agree with @kage, this was so hard but cause all are good, but man I can so see the ninken doing those delivery rounds!!! :dog:

May the best trope win :chruglint:


Ikr! I don’t know how you guys can choose! I love them all, and am definitely looking forward to writing the winner’s fic!


I knooooow! That’s why I voted for Kage’s. It just seems so freaking cute haha. Puppies for the win!