KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021 Week 4

week 4 advent calendar battle
Thanks to everyone who voted last week! We have eliminated the bottom three tropes, and are now down to 15!

This week, another three tropes will go, so check out the poll below to see which ones made it through, and vote on your favourites again!

Mod @kakairu-shrine has also written a drabble that you can read in the comments or on ao3!

We hope you’re enjoying the event so far!

  • Caught in the snow
  • Caught under a mistletoe
  • Cozy evening by the fireplace
  • Creating new (family) traditions
  • First holidays together
  • Kiss a “stranger” on New Year
  • Matching christmas pjs/sweaters for the whole family (even ninken)
  • Meeting the family
  • One being included on holiday’s traditions from the other and their family (they’re from a different country and have a different culture)
  • One gets cold easily, the other is a heater
  • One heavily dislikes the holidays, the other loves them
  • Person A is looking at the scenery and comments how beautiful it is while Person B agrees while looking at Person A just as the snow begins to fall.
  • Slipping on ice, and the other catches them
  • The ninken being used the deliver gifts
  • Unintentional snowball fight

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DRABBLE: Bloated

“Ugh, I feel so bloated.”

“Same.” Kakashi groaned. “I ate too much at the party.”

“Everything looked so good…” Iruka said. “And they were family recipes – I had to try them all…”

“It would’ve been rude not to. Everyone put so much effort into the food.”

“Yeah.” Iruka rubbed his stomach absentmindedly.

“Kakashi, would you still love me if I was fat?”

“Of course, Ru.”

“Good. Because I don’t think this is ever going to come off.”

“Then let’s be fat together. I’m not going to lose any weight either…” Kakashi chuckled.

“At least, not with all these leftovers around.”


THIS IS TOO REAL! Hahahah. How did you hear my last convo with my SO?! Lolololol. Very cute. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I was honestly feeling this way, myself, when I wrote it, after having 2 xmas celebrations, and coming home with so many leftovers :joy:

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