KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021 Week 1

week 1 advent calendar battle

Hey guys! Week One of the KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021 has commenced! :chruparty:

Thank you all for signing up! The only thing you have to do now is come in once a week and vote for your favourite tropes on the list until 31st Jan!

At the end of each week, there will be less and less for you to choose from, as the tropes with the least amount of votes will be getting eliminated in this heated battle!

As we get closer to the finals, we will announce who has each trope, and who is still in the running for the prize - a small fic using the the trope the winner nominated!

Right now, you can vote for as many tropes as you like, but the number will be restricted as the event continues on.

We were going to have a preliminary round if we got more than 24 nominations, but since we have 25, at the end of this week, on Sun 12th Dec, we will be removing the bottom four tropes from the list, instead of the bottom three!

To kick off the event, mod @kakairu-shrine has also prepared a drabble that you can read in the comments below or on ao3!

And now that’s all been said, without further ado, let the voting… begin!!!

  • Unintentional snowball fight
  • Slipping on ice, and the other catches them
  • Snowed in somewhere while travelling
  • Kiss a “stranger” on New Year
  • Warm up someone we love through a hug
  • Meeting the family
  • Getting stranded en route to a holiday function they were both invited to by different people. They don’t really know each other yet, but decided to carpool to save money and have company.
  • First holidays together
  • Being a mall Santa
  • Creating new (family) traditions
  • New Year’s resolution
  • Cozy evening by the fireplace
  • Caught under a mistletoe
  • Matching christmas pjs/sweaters for the whole family (even ninken)
  • One gets cold easily, the other is a heater
  • One being included on holiday’s traditions from the other and their family (they’re from a different country and have a different culture)
  • The ninken being used to deliver gifts
  • Photoshoot for Christmas/New Years cards for friends
  • Baking/decorating cookies
  • Ice skating/ troubles in the ice
  • Secret santa/ gift exchange
  • One heavily dislikes the holidays, the other loves them
  • Christmas proposal
  • Caught in the snow
  • Person A is looking at the scenery and comments how beautiful it is while Person B agrees while looking at Person A just as the snow begins to fall.

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DRABBLE: First Snow

“Thanks for paying, but you really didn’t have to.”

“Maa, I asked you on a date – of course I did.” Kakashi replied contently. He put an arm around Iruka’s waist. “Shall I walk you home?”

“I’d like that.” Iruka smiled.

They walked in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s company; and before they knew it, they had arrived.

“Well, this is it.” Iruka said awkwardly.

Suddenly, snowflakes danced around them, and they looked around in surprise.

“First snow.” Kakashi commented. “ Our first snow.”

Iruka blushed as he pulled Kakashi’s mask down.

“Let’s celebrate.”

Kakashi leaned in.

He was not saying no.