Iruka's birthday shiritori (the low stakes team)

I just wanted to put a feeler out here for maybe those who wanted to join the shiritori event but can’t quite commit (bc work, exams, irl, or that nasty writer’s block) i’m suffering from ALL of it hahah help - so maybe we could have a no-pressure thread where we follow the rules but anyone can take on the next word and reply to it.

Maybe a minimum word count of 1k words? Or less, if that’s too much.

If there’s any interest I’ll contact the mods to see whether they’re fine with an ‘open’ team (with the caveat that we won’t be receiving any points whether or not we’re already in a team.)

Hey! I’m just going to jump in here quick and say that if people are interested, this is totally okay with us! An open team sounds like a good idea and you are absolutely welcome to post to the collection. We only require 500 words per fic for this challenge, but if you want to do 1k, that would be great too. I hope you decide to do it! :grin:

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:muscle: Let’s do iiiiit! I’m super slow but I would love to have an open team. Maybe 500 words at a minimum would be better though, for those of us with less time? :snail:

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@flailinginlove thanks for approving! this “open team” is a go!

@artsies 500 words minimum is definitely fine, I forgot to check the actual minimum word count for the event hahaha! We can start when we ask the mods for a word.

I’m thinking that we’ll post the entries in Fanwork and just tag it with Shiratori, so that people may comment on it. Then the next author just tags the author who wrote the previous fic.

There might be the problem where people write for the same word and one posts before the other, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

We started all the other teams with teacher or teaching, so you are welcome to start from there as well. :grin:

And it might be interesting to see what happens if it does end up branching, with more than one person writing a fic from the same end word.