Iruka and Kisame

Anyone here like the pairing?

I sure do! It’s not an absolute fave, but I would totes read it.

There’s that series where they randomly meet up in random villages and that was pretty sweet, I think.

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Oh oh? Have you a link?

sure do! it’s a series by, only on ffnet tho:

  1. In the Middle of a Bubble [Rating: T]
    Iruka is taken to Water Country for a little rest and relaxation with his parents and meets a strange boy.
  1. In the Middle of a Festival [Rating: T]
    Iruka’s parents make an abrupt stop before heading back to Konohha allowing Iruka to meet up with an old friend.
  1. In the Middle of a Reunion [Rating: M. Warnings for drugging (attempt, but the sex is consensual), attempt at somnophilia, slightly… sexist descriptions]
    Iruka decides to relax at a bar after a long mission and meets up with an old friend.

generally blackkat’s kisairu is more well known and well written tho hahah

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You da best! :heart:

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