If you were a shinobi, where would you wear your protector?

  • Around forehead, like most shinobi
  • Like a bandana (Genma-style, or similar)
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Around neck
  • Like a belt

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I guess I’d be practical and boring and wear it on my forehead like a good nameless soldier :pensive:


That’s how I usually wear bandanas, and would probably wear a protector, too, but I am also fond of the way Shikamaru wears his on his jounin uniform, around the arm :blush:

Though I would probably only wear that style around the village, because considering all the enemies that appear on missions, I could see myself having to get my shirt repaired/ replaced or the protector sewn back on all the time, since my fighting style is close combat, and looking after my uniform wouldn’t exactly be my priority in battle :sweat_smile:

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