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@kakairu-shrine is the Head Mod of the forum. She first became a mod in Oct 2020, and has been working hard to keep our events and activities running, as well as keeping you all up to date with forum and KakaIru news!

She knows the most about everything that takes place here, so if you have questions about anything at all, feel free to summon her any time!


AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/demonofabove/works
Tumblr: https://kakairu-shrine.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kakairushrine

How long have you been shipping KakaIru?

I’m not too sure. I think about 4 years or so now? And I’ve been creating for just over 2 years.

What are your favourite tropes to indulge in? Do you have any specific storylines you like within those tropes?

It depends on my mood. I’m a sucker anything soft & sweet; but I also love Hurt/ Comfort, and a hell of a lot of angst! I particularly enjoy Firsts; and I absolutely love First Dates where Kakashi is an awkward, shy mess, and Iruka finds it endearing :heart:

Do you like Kakashi, or Iruka more?

AHH don’t make me choose! I love them both equally!

Out of your own KakaIru creations, which is your favourite?

It’s hard for me to decide, since I have 50+ fics, and who knows how much art to choose from; but probably… my fic Catkashi! It came to me out of nowhere, and it’s just the cutest, fluffiest fic :blush: But I do like my latest WIP, The Rift, too… :eyes:

What is your favourite ramen flavour?

I love a simple miso ramen, though I’m always experimenting with other flavour combinations to see what works!