Four Seasons Of KakaIru Gift Exchange FINAL Check In!

Hey guys, if you’re participating in the Four Seasons of KakaIru Gift Exchange, it’s time for the FINAL check in before the posting period begins on 1st September!

This time, we’re expecting that you are well on your way to completion, and want to see evidence that you’ve made progress since the last check in, so we ask that you send us either:

  • A screenshot of your work
  • An image of your art piece so far
  • A link to/doc with your fic so far

We would like to reassure you that we’re not asking for this to judge your gift, we just want to confirm that you are making progress on it!

Please contact either mod @kaoruhana or @kakairu-shrine on any of our socials (discord, forum, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) by 28th August!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are struggling to complete your work, and/or think you may not finish it in time, it is very important that you let us know during this check in so we can organise pinch hitters if necessary!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!