Four First Days: submission for Vday Week Day 1

Submission for Vday Week Day 1
Title: Four First Dates
Rating: T
CW: none!
Summary: Kakashi really messed up his chances with Iruka after the chuunin exam debacle. His alter-egos may stand a chance tho! Too bad Iruka isn’t a dummy and suspects foul play.

Honestly I tried to make this post and I’m new here and my computer wouldn’t let me open the forum so I’m on my phone trying like an old granny to figure out this new fangled technology!!! Hahaha comments will be attempted to be read here?! Lol.


You did a great job figuring it out! It’s posted in the right place, and you have all the info you need!
Also, I just read the fic, and I love it! :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to see what else you share for Valentine’s Week!

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The forum should send you notifications of people replying to your posts, so don’t worry about missing comments! ;D (I also edited your post to include the tag for the event :+1:)

i enjoyed this fic very much! I love how Iruka gets clued in my the things Kakashi wouldn’t expect to have to hide — like the scars on his hand — and the way he said Iruka’s name. Amazing! Big brained! <3

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