Forum Third Anniversary Celebration Mini Event!

Hey guys, we have a special surprise for you! This year is the forum’s third anniversary; and to celebrate, us three mods, @kaoruhana, @oneinist and @kakairu-shrine, have decided to have a little bit of fun with the event!

We have each made a creation for it, and over the course of December, we will be sharing what we’ve made! But that’s not all.

We have a theme for our creations; and since it’s the holiday season, and we love giving, we want you to guess what the theme is, based on our creations; and the first person who guesses it right will win a prize written by kakairu-shrine*!

*To clarify, we don’t have a different theme each, we are using the exact same theme for our creations, so there is only one prize up for grabs, not three!

The first creation has already been posted, and you can read it on ao3!

Good luck with the guessing, and keep your eyes out for our posts to find out when the next one will be released!

We hope you enjoy the celebration!


We hope you enjoyed our first creation! As promised, we have another one for you, this time created by our amazing mod @kaoruhana!

You can read it here!

Don’t forget to guess the theme for our creations, if you want to win a prize!

Good luck! We hope you’re enjoying the celebration!

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