[FILL] sick day

Continuing the discussion from Prompt: Iruka is the worst patient ever:

I started writing this when I was sick awhile ago and finally finished it, but it seems to be the mostly perfect fill for this. i hope you enjoy. lmk if i need to change anything in this for posting on here, i’m still learning how the forum works

here’s the fic: sick day (ao3)


Thanks for filling in the prompt! You’re right - your fic is absolutely perfect for it! :heart: :two_hearts:

Also, you don’t have to change anything - posting your fic here is fine, since it was for one of the prompts; and you’ve included everything needed for it (link to prompt you were filling, and link to your fic)!
If you’re ever not sure about something, feel free to DM me any time, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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