Fic Rec Month: Other Villages Edition

Fic Rec month_ other village

Welcome to the Fic Rec Month: Other Villages Edition!

Love transcends the boundaries drawn by men to divide men. Someone who doesn’t share the same experiences with you - to fall for them and connect with them despite that, that only speaks to the strength of human emotions!

Also, sometimes the best way to find a partner is to best them in combat (or traps.)

This month, we’re focusing on fics that focus on either Kakashi or Iruka (or both!) being from different villages. Do they encounter each other peacefully, as fellow shinobi who would offer help to another in need? Or are they on the opposite sides of a mission, a battle, or a fight? Either way is good, as long as they learn to look past their differences and see the good that could come of them within.

We’ll be accepting fic recs for this theme from today onwards! Here’s a template for you to follow, if you’re not in a hurry:

Tell us what you love about this fic!:

And if you want to recommend your own fanfic, go right ahead too! Feel free to DM either mod if you’re unsure whether the fic you want to nominate fits the bill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Title: Enemy Mine
Author: Josey
Summary: Alternate History verse. Caught in the open in the face of a deadly wind, Iruka finds his only shelter already occupied by an equally lethal missing nin.
Tell us what you love about this fic!: All about this fic is amazing, it’s very well written, I love how Kakashi and Iruka are characterized, and the backstory, plot and action are so good! A must read.


Title: Waterfall’s Last
Author: Rhiw

Summary: The life of a ninja is a dangerous one, doubly so if you belong to one of the lesser, smaller villages. When Waterfall is overrun by Rock, young Chūnin Umino Iruka is tasked to flee to Fire Country with his village’s two most precious assets; their young prince, Shibuki, and the jinchūriki of the Shichibi, Fū. He’s hardly surprised when Fire allows them to citizenship - the draw of a second jinchūriki is a strong incentive. Building a life in a new country is hard, but Iruka is determined to full fill his last mission as a Waterfall-nin; provide a happy, healthy home for his charges. Everything is going well - until he meets Uzumaki Naruto.

Suddenly, Iruka is a single father of three at sixteen, living with what has to be the strangest, rudest (and attractive) Alphas he’s ever met; Hatake Kakashi.


Tell us what you love about this fic: the worldbuilding is so rich, and you can’t help but fall in love with the story. There’s so much I love about this fic that I cannot begin to explain… it’s just brilliant and worth a read.


@Dunloth oh I remember that fic! I always thought that the tailed beasts imagined as a deadly natural phenomenon was an insanely cool and imaginative world-building!

@MagnusTesla it is so rich, you can tell the author put quite a fair bit of research into it! certainly is worth the read!

As for recs…

Title: International Relations
Author: Kiterie

Summary: Sixteen years old Umino Iruka, from Yugakure no sato, sees his first A-rank going from bad to worse when the scroll he was supposed to bring home from Suna is ‘lost’ and ends up with a Konoha ANBU along the way. Good thing that this ANBU is one ready to make deals, right?


Tell us what you love about this fic: If anything, what I love most is the tongue-in-cheek humour of its title “International Relations” - some is occuring indeed! hahah.

Title: Missing You, Missing Me
Author: @flailinginlove

Summary: A collection of eight unrelated drabbles and ficlets where Kakashi, Iruka, or both are missing-nin.


Tell us what you love about this fic: Although this fic focuses mainly on premises where either (or both) of them are missing-nin, there are some where they’re from another village! I like how every premise presented is entirely enticing on its own. It really gets the imagination revving :dash: