Favorite thing to write/draw? :D

Now for the other side of the coin, I guess? :nerd_face: What’s the thing you enjoy writing or drawing about Kakashi or Iruka or kakairu?

Mine is definitely flustered!Iruka or overprotective!Iruka and gremlin!Kakashi.

I like writing all that light, fluffy cute stuff, but I also really enjoy exploring mental health & psychology, especially with Kakashi. There are elements of his headspace that I can relate to; and I feel like my own experiences help make it easier for me to project his thoughts, reactions, etc. more realistically.

So usually when I write deeper content, my motto is: If I can feel what I’ve written, then I’ve done it right lol

But as much as I like exploring all these interesting emotions, sometimes I do need to take a break from the darker stuff, because it can get a little too heavy. Like now. I’m in the middle of writing a tragic and heartbreaking scene for one of my WIP; and it keeps upsetting me every single time I go to work on it - like actual tears welling up upset :sweat_smile:

So it’s back to cute and fluffy for me!

Until I get lured back to the dark side, anyway… :wink:

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@kakairu-shrine I can totally feel you there. , If I’m writing I want it to effect me as much as whoever is reading it.

I’d say I generally tend to lean toward the lighter side of stories, more humor than fluff and I kind of adore parody. I guess I just have a silly personality. I enjoy writing stories that have a bit of truth in them and I feel that helps me write a little more consistently. It’s why I like ‘Slice of life’ kinda stories, a lot of the time I can relate to the emotions.

But every now and then my pet plot bunny just decides that it wants to be dark and edgy. And I end either having a self hatred meltdown (ask Rika lol) or just crying because I did something so sad/evil/f’d up.

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@artsies gremlin!kakashi is such a characterisation, i love it.

@LadySmaell i can certainly attest to that! :stuck_out_tongue: i must say that after a while, being terrible to your characters is a delight.

hmmm… what do i enjoy writing? i think i mostly enjoy writing banter between them, when it flows easily ahahha. and i’m fond of easy-going comfort between them, especially if they’ve been together for a while.

but i’m also fond of confrontations. and the terrible choices they make and how they fix those terrible choices.

man these questions are hard!

I love to write fluff, especially if it’s riddled in emotion, and light to heavy angst that really pulls at the heart strings. I love to read both of those so I always strive to write them, in the hopes someone will react to it the same way that same things has me react. Kakashi being soft, and showing his emotions even if he’s more subtle about it, is also something I live for. As well as Iruka being competent as heck :heart:

For drawing, I love making Kakashi blush~! I also like to draw Iruka as slim but beefy, cause that boy is strong and ripped and no one can convince me otherwise :pray:


Soft!Kakashi, good gosh yes! :heart: I just adore that, as well as magnificently blushing Kakashi. I always try to write that like how prinzik drew it: https://prinzik.tumblr.com/post/153527388572/shy

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So cuuuuttteee

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