Fanwork Friday - February 9, 2024 - Intro comic


Fanwork Friday - February 9, 2024

Already time for our second Fanwork Friday of February!

Fanwork title: Intro comic
Creator: dojutsufuryfray
From event: KakaIru Maze Challenge 2022
Fanwork type: Fanart

Rating: General
Warning(s): None
URL: doujutsufuryfray - intro comic - Tumblr

Description: The vibe this comic is giving is just so awesome, it’s so awesome it’s difficult to describe in words!!

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omg I remember that! I wasn’t expecting anyone to do something like that; and it was so awesome, and really hyped me up for the event! And made me want more of the story. It was such an amazing, cool intro & I still love it so much!

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