[Fanfic] You got the heart (to carry me) by deepestbluest


“Did you already go to the hospital?” he asks. The wound he’s working on now looks like its healing has been accelerated.
Kakashi hums an affirmative.
“You know you could have had them patch you up all the way, right? Chakra works a lot faster than ointment.”

Classic tropes are classic: dropping by Iruka's instead of the hospital for first aid, an assignment by the hokage pairing them together, Naruto objecting to the relationship after he learns of it - but the author writes them in such a lovely way that marks Iruka developing into a better teacher as well someone who can read the unspoken cues of someone who won't say them aloud.

My favourite exchange from this fic:

“But… He’s Kakashi-sensei.”
“That’s integral to the relationship, yes.”

Read it here.

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